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Hormonal Balance Guide

My Mission

I help women honour who they are and stop living the life they don't want. 
I help those that are feeling lost, numb, and are not sure who they are. Those who are lacking energy, and are unhappy with their weight and shape by helping them reengage with themselves. Help them to be happy again and be on fire.
I want you to thrive and not survive. I want to help you by teaching you to listen and nourish your body with real foods. To get the energy and the weight you want so you can gain confidence, find your purpose and live the life you want and deserve.
You will heal from the inside out!

We Manage

Brain Health - memory issues  Weight management Bariatric weight management
Metabolic syndrome 
Women health - PMS, Perimenopause & Menopause 
Digestive disorders 
Anxiety & stress
General wellbeing

Programs & Challenges

During the year we will bring various Programs and Challenges. Check our website regularly for more news.

Corporate Talk & Workshops

Corporate Talk & Workshops

Stress Mangement 

Many health problems are related to stress. Stress worsens and can increase the risk of conditions like obesity, stress-related fatigue, heartd disease, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems and others. I will help you take the steps needed in order to tackles stress, by identifying the sources, and then proceed with healthy ways to cope. 


Want to learn how to gain energy, and achieve and maintain your weight loss goals while balancing blood sugar & hormones without feeling deprived or overwhelmed in simple steps?
→ Here is how.  

About me

Antonela is a confident nutritionist with experience of assessing patients' nutritional needs and to develop and implement the optimal nutritional program.
She possesses the ability to communicate complex and sensitive information about dietary matters in an understandable form to patients. Furthermore, she has a proven track record in promoting healthy eating habits to communities and to suggest diet modifications to individuals.
Antonela got her Masters in Exercise and Nutrition Science at the University of Chester, UK, and her second Masters from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila from Bucharest. Also got a Nutritional therapy diploma at IHS, Dublin. She received her science degree from the USAMV, Bucharest, where she graduated with distinction.
Her passion for nutrition, food, and health is now a career, and she is very passionate about it. She is aware of the multitude of problems of our today society regarding nutrition and lifestyle which have to be addressed.


Success Stories 

Anna Monica

I have been working with her for over 8 weeks and I cannot tell you how her program has changed my life. I always struggle to lose weight on my own before but once I began following my personal lifestyle plan, I started seeing results. Not only have I been able to lose weight but also I have developed lifestyle changes that will benefit me for the rest of my life. It is amazing how alert and energized I feel since beginning the program. I am delighted with the results.

Roxana C.

I have seen huge improvements in my health and eating habits since I contacted Antonela for nutrition and weight loss counselling. Throughout my lifetime, I have tried many different ways to lose weight and have always failed.  With Antonela's program, I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with this food. I am now at the weight that I have always wanted to be, have a beautiful body and I am in the great shape I truly do not believe I would have learned everything I did and feel so good about reaching my goals without Antonela’s nutritional program. She makes the process simple and fun. I have more energy and I am starting to learn to cook! I would recommend Antonela to anyone of my friends and family!
Reinsurance Claims Adjuster

Cosmina H. 

I recommend Antonela to anyone who's interested in their own health and well-being.
When I first meet her my energy was very low, I was irritable and emotional, overweight and with inadequate bowel movements.
It was the first nutritionist experience I've had, and it's been absolutely fantastic, I've learned so much from her: how to fuel my body properly and banish my cravings....And yes I'm going to the bathroom normally!


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